The Plan

The Plan

Learning about God's Plan for Salvation at South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church

Week 18 - David

This week we continue to follow King David. We will see that, far from being a perfect and angelic king, David was sinful just like we are and had family problems just like we do. (Maybe worse, unless your kids have tried to kill you and take everything you have.) But despite David’s sin God remained faithful to his plan to bless the world through Abraham’s descendant David and to create an everlasting kingdom through him.

In our first reading this week, God promises David that David will not build a house for Him but that God will build an everlasting house or kingdom, for David. The house God is speaking about isn’t a house of brick and mortar but a house that finds its final fulfillment in Christ and a house that, through Christ, gives people their ultimate rest.

Unfortunately, after his wonderful beginning things get dicer and dicer as David is not content with what he has and allows family crimes to go unpunished.