The Plan

The Plan

Learning about God's Plan for Salvation at South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church

Week 57 – “I love it when a Plan comes together”

In the 80’s there was a TV show called the A-team. It wasn’t the best acted show on TV but it was fun and people loved it. One of the parts of the show people always looked forward to was the elaborate contraptions and gadgets that the team would put together to defeat the bad guys. No show would be complete without the A-team creating amazing fortifications, traps and vehicles out of scraps which were just lying around. And at the end of every episode, after the bad guys had been vanquished by the A-Team’s elaborate plan, Hannibal, the leader of the team, would say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

            This week we get to say, “I love it when a plan comes together!” Or in century’s old Theological lingo, we can say: “Christ is risen!!!” From the fall into sin to this, the final week of Jesus earthly life, the Lord’s plan had been steadily marching toward the defeat of Sin, Death and the Devil. This week we see the success of that plan when Jesus’ borrowed tomb is broken opened open and Christ walks out.

From that moment on, everything in our lives and in our future was going to be different. Our relationship with God is restored and made new. We no longer need to fear death because death had been made the door into eternal life.  Everything is changed and believers are born again to a new life, bought and paid for by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection from the grave.

            Take a few minutes this week to sit and meditate on God’s amazing plan and what that plan means for your life. And when you do, you will say, “I love it when a plan comes together! Christ is risen!!!”