The Plan

The Plan

Learning about God's Plan for Salvation at South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church

Week 2 - Noah and the Flood

After the fall into sin, the world plunged farther and farther from God; ultimately bringing God to the brink of destroying it all. However, because of God’s great love for us and His promise to send a Savior, He saved humanity through Noah and the ark that God had him build. The flood would remake the face of the earth, but God’s people were saved.

As an interesting side note, the flood foreshadows the salvation we receive in our Baptism, where God washes us clean from our sins by water and His Word. (1st Peter 3:18-22)

Week 1 - In The Beginning

The Bible begins at…well….the beginning; a beginning where we see that God is more than just a force or an energy. He is the all-powerful, all knowing creator of everything, including us.

But that is not all the opening chapters of Genesis show us. They also show us why this world is the way it is and why a plan of salvation was needed in the first place. As you read, you will learn that God created this world as a perfect paradise and that we, by our sin, plunged the world into pain, sickness, and death; a world where suffering was the rule and brother would turn against brother. However, the opening chapters of Genesis also set the stage for God’s plan of salvation; the plan that begins with a promise to Adam and Eve and runs through the Cross to all of history. 

And it all begins, “In the beginning…”