Other Guild Projects

  • Trinity Guild maintains the prayer chains at SST, both phone and email chains. To add someone to one of the prayer chains, contact Emmie Boleen or Muriel Janneke.
  • Catering Consultants – Guild will help groups/families with catered receptions. Chair of this committee is Joanne Lundgren.  She can answer all your questions.
  • Funeral Receptions – Refreshments/lunch after a funeral are provided as a service to the family and their friends if they so desire.  Call either Joanne Lundgren or Ruth Cordes for more information.
  • Coffee and Donut Committee – This group keeps SST supplied with coffee and donuts on Sunday mornings.  If you would like to help with this please call LuErna Sawyer.
  • Trinity Guild holds a Mother-Daughter Banquet or luncheon each May.  To help with this fun endeavor, contact Judy Jarsko.
  • Fundraisers – Bake Sales are held twice a year. We would love to have more donations of baked goods and items are always for sale for your enjoyment. To donate or help with sales contact Terry Borkenhagen.
  • German Dinner – This fun dinner is held each fall.  Proceeds in the past have gone to help support community projects and our mission projects. To help with this dinner, contact Joanne Lundgren or Betty Rabe.

**You do not have to be a member of the Trinity Guild to volunteer for any of these items.**

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