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Getting Involved

Being involved is an important aspect of your faith! At South Shore Trinity we offer many ways to be involved.  Remaining active within the Church brings us inspiration, enables us to succeed, and helps us find our way in life. Below are a few of our programs to help remain connected in the faith and serve our congregation.

God's Gardeners

"God's Gardeners" show love and commitment to God by keeping the church grounds as inviting and neat as we can. Beautiful flowers are planted in the spring and cared for during the summer months for everyone to appreciate the beauty God has afforded us. Many hands are needed to keep up with the garden care. To be a part of "God's Gardeners" contact: Melody Sweet.

Anna Altar Guild

The Anna Altar encourages Christians growth and fellowship through the care of the altars. This includes care of the vestments, preparation for communion, altar linens and candles. We take care of altar arrangements for Holy Days, celebration services, baptisms, Easter Garden of Victory and the flowers for weekly worship services. Meetings are held on Tuesday of every other month from September through May. We welcome new members during any time of the year. Please contact the South Shore Trinity Office Manager for further information at 651-429-4293.

Coffee and Donut Servers

Coffee and donuts are served between services each Sunday. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Office Manager Sally Ackerley at 651-429-4293 or via email at sally@sstwbl.org.  Thanks!


Greeters are volunteers who greet our congregation members before services. It is a great way to meet others while serving our Lord.  If interested, please contact .....

Properties Volunteers

Properties are ...