Confirmation 2.0

Confirming the Faith: A Revised Approach to Confirmation


Our desire is that confirmation will entail and facilitate the process of Christian young people maturing into Christian adults. This maturation process doesn’t happen quickly, and it requires more than gaining information. It also requires participation from the entire community—not just parents and pastors. This plan is designed to incorporate young people into the Christian life in meaningful and sustained ways, while continuing to teach them the basics of the Christian faith and how it applies to everyday life today.

New Concept – an “Eagle Scout” model

Instead of a 2-year class focused primarily on imparting information, confirmation will look more like eagle scouting. Youth will complete a series of learning and growth activities (called “Benchmarks”). Some of these activities will be done as a group, some will be done with one or two other individuals, and some will be done alone. The process can be tailored to fit individual needs and schedules. Youth will proceed at his or her own level of spiritual maturity, removing the expectation that everyone matures at the same age and rate. This concept also gives young people freedom to choose some elements of their process. It also gives the pastors and other leaders freedom to meet young people and their families were they are at.

Registration for benchmarks

You can register online for various benchmarks at

Coming soon, viewing your benchmark forms online.

When that is available, we will provide the link here.


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